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Apartments for Sale in Turkey

Apartment complexes are mostly located in the centers of the cities where residents can enjoy all amenities, daily and social activities, swimming pools, gyms, saunas and compound facilities.

Overseas property buyers mostly prefer apartments in compounds with car parks and security services as holiday home or for long term living purposes.

With a very developed airlines system and at least one airport almost in every city receiving flights from all over the world.

The summer and winter tourism by holidaymakers from other countries with lower prices compared to other countries, this makes travelling to this beautiful country very easy for tourists and investors.

Villas for Sale in Turkey

Villas are located in the key locations of the most preferred cities in the country. Detached and semi-detached villas in Turkey offer both peaceful environment and secure life style together in compounds with 24/7 security services. Residents can plant their own background with trees and fruit in their gardens and enjoy a barbeque party with their family and friends. Children can enjoy swimming pools and play ground in safe environment.

Villas have affordable prices and great facilities and constructed with quality materials and high technology techniques. Buyers cannot find such good quality properties for such good prices anywhere in the world.

As a Mediterranean country, Turkey has many things to offer to holidaymakers and investors. Summer season is very long up to six months in the coastal parts of the country. Also, worldwide famous Turkish cuisine is another attractive aspect of this beautiful country for visitors.


Commercial and Land for Sale in Turkey

Buying agricultural land and reselling it after the obtaining a construction permit for a much higher price is also a generally preferred way of real estate investment.

There are many different kinds of commercial properties from business centers, shops, offices and retail outlets. International real estate investors choose commercial properties due to the high return on investment rates.

Commercial properties bring great profits along with high resale chances in the market, especially in Istanbul and Antalya, having a rising international demand in addition to their considerable local populations.

Istanbul is counted as the perfect capital of business opportunities, which bring a rise to prices of all kinds of real estate, especially commercial properties.