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Rea Turkey was founded with a vision to guide the esteemed clients looking to invest in real estate by connecting them with the right property Developer and prime location in Istanbul, Turkey.

We have a strong and diverse team of professionals committed to bringing the best investment opportunities to you to generate remarkable ROI in a short time.

As we have an impressively diverse portfolio of investment properties for sale in Turkey including apartments, villas, offices, lands, shops, hotels, construction plots, and retail outlets.

  • We locate the suitable choices as per your budget. We ensure that our assistance proves vital to make the right decision regarding investment in Turkey to double your investment in 2 years.
  • Since the tourism industry is flourishing at an encouraging rate in Istanbul, we offer lucrative hotel apartments as summer houses for investment purposes to leverage the benefit.
  • Such smart investment in Prime Locations will give you guaranteed income throughout the whole year.
  • Our insights and experience empower you to take maximum advantage of the low prices of real estate in Turkey Now till 2023.
  • The Lausanne Treaty is going to be finished before 2023 and subsequently, the Turkish economy will reach the highest level in this century.
  • Contact us and let us guide you to make brilliant real estate investments in Turkey to maximize your ROI and Secure your Turkish Citizenship for your family.

Izzat Rustom

CEO REA-Turkey